Notes from the Journey with David – 14

14. Why would he hide this from me? It’s not so! (1 Samuel 20:2).
David is certain that Saul is trying to kill him. Jonathan (Saul’s son) has not seen evidence of this yet. Jonathan’s refusal to believe David’s fears brings a challenging moment to their friendship. Once Jonathan was close to his father and would have known Saul’s anger. Now he is no longer aware of his father’s heart.

David knew that Saul saw Jonathan as a traitor for his friendship with David. While David is able to soften Jonathan’s heart on the matter, David even begins to question Jonathan’s loyalty, fearing that his friend might now be a part of a plot to kill him. The divide between Jonathan and his father now threatens to develop a divide between Jonathan and his friend.

Loyalty can be tricky to demonstrate at times. Genuine misunderstandings can cause us to question those who are fully with us. We can end up letting our own fears determine how we judge our friends, and when we do, we risk damaging the relationships we need.

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