Notes from the Journey with David – 132

132. His father had never interfered with him by asking, “Why do you behave as you do?” (2 Kings 1:6).

Seems way too easy for leaders to neglect the needs of their families. The responsibilities of leadership can be overwhelming and the pressure to hold everything together is often all-consuming. But, David’s failure to give needed attention to his children has already cost him a great deal, and he is about to pay for it again. Leaders often speak of legacy, but fail to see their greatest gift to the future is the lives of their children. So many kids have crashed their lives because dad or mom were never in the passenger seat showing them how to drive. So, much of the good accomplished in one generation evaporates in the next. This reality begs the question, “If you fail as a leader among those closest to you, should you really be viewed as a great leader by those who see you at a distance?”


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