Notes from the Journey with David – 13

13. He went to Samuel at Ramah, and told him… (1 Samuel 19:18).
How does one process rejection when God has clearly spoken. Perhaps David wanted to know if Samuel was truly on target with the anointing. Things sure hadn’t turned out like David thought they would. Now, rather than being welcomed as king, he was running for his life.

But, it seems, he knew where to run–back to the voice of God in his life. What happened next demonstrates the power of God to bring His will to pass. Even Saul is humbled by the presence of God who speaks in ways that are undeniable and life-changing.

As leaders, we face many moments where discouragement can become overwhelming. David offers us the best plan. Return to the voice of God. Gain encouragement from the mentor who helped launch you on your current assignment. Find refuge, not in the friends who will tell you what you want to hear, but in the one who sees the biggest picture with you. For David, that mentor was Samuel.

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