Notes from the Journey with David – 126

126. And David would not drink it (2 Samuel 23:17).

The midnight journey of David’s mighty men to get him a skin of water from the well of his childhood was an act of such bravery and loyalty that David didn’t feel worthy to drink what his men had brought. Like gold or some other nearly priceless gift, David recognized the true value of what they had done and felt he could only offer what he’d been given to God. Here David receives their amazing loyalty, but uses the opportunity to demonstrate his own commitment to God. This is a great display of the heart of one who recognizes his role. His men are following him with great diligence, and their loyalty inspires him to show how he is following God with that same diligence. Just as Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ,” the wise leader sees himself in the middle of the equation, both following and being followed. Such an attitude is the only way to stay on track.


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