Notes from the Journey with David – 115

115. Never again will you go out with us in battle, so the lamp of Israel will not be extinguished (2 Samuel 21:17).

Here’s a great moment for a warrior-king. David’s men, who have followed him fearlessly into battle for years, now recognize that David is more important to them as a leader than he is as a warrior. They have always fought with him and for him, but now they will do his fighting for him. They recognize that his place as leader is a light that must be preserved for the nation. He needs them and they need him. It’s an interdependence that has always been seen on the battlefield, but now it has spread to every part of life. While I’m not sure how David felt, having the sword taken from his hand, but he should have felt the great reward of their respect for him and the value they place on him as a leader.

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