Notes from the Journey with David – 107

107. The king said to Shimei, “You shalt not die” (2 Samuel 19:22).
Shimei had cursed David as he fled from Jerusalem. His words were the embodiment of a people who felt abandoned in wartime. Now that David returns victorious, Shimei confesses his sin against David and asks for mercy. David’s men want to kill Shimei, but where would the bloodshed stop. All of Israel had spoken ill of David in his retreat. David recognizes the moment, Shimei’s repentance, and extends forgiveness to Shimei (and all the repentant who had cursed David). When a leader is victorious over his enemies, he can afford to be magnanimous toward those who failed him in his time of need, provided those who failed are repentant and pledge new loyalty. David knew he had failed Shimei. Now he allows room for himself and this man to recover.

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