Notes from the Journey with David – 104

104. Come what may I want to run (2 Samuel 18:23).
Ahimaaz is desperate to run back to David to tell him news of the victory. Though Joab warns him that such news will not be met with celebration, the young man is insistent. So Joab lets him run to David. But when he arrives, Ahimaaz fails to tell David the truth about Absalom. His behavior is like many who want to bring good news without the full truth. They want to tell leaders what they think leaders want to hear. Such behavior creates a false community. People who cater to a leader’s self-interests encourage that leader in unhealthy ways. Ahimaaz is motivated by the desire for reward, not by the things that have made David’s kingdom great. He doesn’t know his master’s heart and truly cares only for himself.

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