Notes from the Journey – 263

  1. “apart from Me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

There’s something in these words that we likely find it easy to look past. Jesus didn’t say that your efforts would be more difficult, or, like Adam, you would toil and the fruit would be hard to come by. He said “you can do nothing.” Nothing is a word we use when there is literally nothing to describe. No idea of good effort, or congrats on a few branch blossoms–just nothing. Why is this harsh reality so true? Because Christ’s presence is the necessary element in every equation of spiritual productivity. You simply can do nothing without Him. Sure, some may roll up their sleeves and give their best to pleasing Him, but without His involvement in their efforts, nothing will result. This is why some may say they did all sorts of amazing things in His name and yet He claims to never having known them. What they did, they did on their own and no real fruit was truly produced!

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