Notes from the Journey – 182

182. When Jesus saw her weeping…he was deeply moved (John 11:33).

Mary (Lazarus’ sister) had always been close to Jesus. She had sat at His feet, listening to His words when her sister wanted her to help serve. She had believed strongly in Jesus, soon she will pour expensive perfume on His feet. But now this faithful and loving friend is weeping, her brother lies dead in a tomb. When Jesus saw this, He was deeply moved. This is the response of our God to those who truly love Him. He longs to spare us the pain and trauma of life and recoils with sadness when we are overcome. This was not supposed to be. Sin has brought sickness and death, even to those who worship Him in truth. Never think God is far away or disinterested in your pain. He is moved for those who love Him with all their hearts.

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