Notes from the Journey – 11

11. Saul was afraid of David (1 Samuel 18:15).
The adversarial attitude Saul developed toward David was born of fear. Saul’s kingdom was over, though he still sat in the chair. Perhaps David could grasp the older man’s fear and maybe he could understand why it occasionally boiled over in efforts to kill David. But the pain of accusation when you know you’ve intended nothing wrong is painful for anyone, including the young future king, David. Saul’s fear will drive him to behaviors that part from rational response. He will hate David, one who deserves to be loved.

This is the cross many replacement leaders must bear. Maybe you’re bearing it now. First, understand the source of the conflict you face. The war is being lost inside someone else. Insecurities and feelings of loss are pressing against their better judgment, not yours. You are not what you may have been called, so don’t succumb to the temptation to let the crime fit the punishment. Be the right person regardless of what others are becoming.

And, be determined that you will never ask those who follow you to carry such a load.

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