Leading the Smaller Congregation – Part 12

We shouldn’t ever forget that the kingdom reward for the smaller church pastor isn’t less significant than for those who might lead hundreds or even thousands. Every smaller church pastor should remember the forgotten character in Matthew 25’s parable of the talents:

We often focus on the failure of the third servant to use the bag entrusted to him for his master’s benefit. Or we celebrate with the first servant and his amazing faithfulness with the large sum his master gave him. But the second servant is the friend of the smaller church pastor. While he could have been frustrated or angry that his portion was smaller than the first servant, instead he chose to be diligent and faithful. That effort brought a result that pleased his master. Not only did he receive the master’s praise, but he also received the same reward as the servant with the seemingly larger assignment. The size of his situation didn’t deter him, nor did it keep his master from valuing his work.

Before we close this extended series on Leading the Smaller Congregation, let me by say, “Thank you for the work you’re doing.” Your diligence and your desire to grow both yourself and your church honor the God who has called you. Pastoring a smaller church isn’t a smaller calling, but clearly one that God has called thousands of us to engage. Be the leader God has called you to be and enjoy the life of loving people and making a lasting difference in their futures.

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