GROW means GO!

“If you build it, they will come…”

Okay, that might have been true in an Iowa cornfield with dead baseball players in need of redemption, but is it really an appropriate mantra for the living? Hardly–oh, and by the way, Field of Dreams was a fictional story.

So why do many churches seem to think that’s the way things work?

Congregations build bigger buildings, pastors add creative arts to their message presentations, worship leaders turn the guitars loose, all in the name of growing their church. Master the elements of Sunday’s presentation and the church will grow, right?

Now, I’m never one to discourage you from doing your absolute best on Sunday morning. Quality does matter. But is this the way to grow your church?

NO! You’ve got to GO!

Jesus clearly designed His Church to spread–to reach out and connect with people on the street, in the community, across town, even across the globe. He said to “GO” not “build it and…” well, you know.

I’ve discovered that the church isn’t the only thing that grows when we go either. I grow too! My personal pursuit of God is always enhanced when I’m moving forward for Him. In such moments, I see my need for Him, I want His help, and I can’t make a difference without Him. Sitting on my sofa at home, I have more trouble discovering that reality. Don’t believe me? Go do something for God–especially something outside your comfort zone–and see if your hunger for God doesn’t escalate.

GO is the way we GROW. When people are living in their 9 to 5 worlds, unbothered by the eternal mission around them, they become spiritually lazy and self-centered. But put them on the front lines, face-to-face with lost folks in need, and a whole new understanding of what it means to follow Christ will emerge. You need a few “foxhole experiences” to really grow as a Christian, and there are no foxholes if you are avoiding battle altogether.

So find ways to engage your community with God’s love. Live your Christian faith out there where the people are and two things will likely begin to grow–you and your church!

GO is the way to GROW!

One thought on “GROW means GO!

  • July 6, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    Excellent!!!!!!!! If this is lived out in our communities our impact can be much greater.


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