A Pastor’s Battle with Insecurity – Part 14

This week, we are continuing our look at the healthy strategies for winning the long-term battles with your insecurities. Last week, we discussed the importance of building our personal identities on the truthful view God provides. If we can see ourselves as He sees us, we will end up with the right balance when weighing our strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll end up understanding and clinging to the wonderful miracle of grace that gives our lives their most important sense of value.

This week, we want to take the next step. To have a healthy self-view, we must embrace brokenness.



You must allow God to break you of self-sufficiency and self-promotion.

Now, at first glance, this may seem to run counter to the good news of our last blog. After all, if God loves me… or so the logic goes. But God’s view is based on who He is and what He has done for us. A closer look at who we are and those things we have done would send a different message, if God chose to look that way. The miracle of grace doesn’t eliminate the fact of our failure or the potential for clear evidence of weakness.

Truth is, grace invites us to trust God as He reshapes our lives more into His likeness.

God’s love is active. He desires to hone and fine tune our lives, molding and revising us so that we might more clearly demonstrate His greatness and love to others. Drawing from our painting metaphor in the last blog, you could say that your life’s painting isn’t just valuable because of the artist’s identity. The full truth is that He’s painting something beautiful and He’s not finished yet.

For God to succeed in making something beautiful of our lives, we must bring something to the equation as well—brokenness. The hard and ultimately brittle posture of pride is our greatest developmental enemy. When we try to stand firm in our self-sufficiency or some other form of self-style adequacy, we resist the touch of the Artist. He can’t do what needs doing in us if we refuse His loving words of rebuke and correction. He can’t achieve is glorious purpose if we kick and scream against the sometimes violently difficult lessons He must teach us.

It seems an odd choice to fight against God with our limitations. We prove ourselves inadequate and are often eaten up by insecurities and yet we wrestle against the One who holds our best answers. But when we disengage from pride and open our hearts to truth—even the kind that can be difficult to receive—we simultaneously find our hope becoming more of His possession. Simply put, if you don’t open your heart to God, you don’t get to build your life on His superior foundation. You can’t rely on God to build you up if you won’t also let Him bring you down when needed.

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