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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 363

  1. “It’s not for you to know…” (Acts 1:7).

These words disappoint the child. Want to know and should know or need to know don’t always align. There are just some things that it’s not for the child to know. As a parent, we come to understand such realities and our care of knowledge mandates this as an occasional posture with those we nurture. But parents are kids too, and when their heavenly Father puts His perfect finger on the limits of our knowledge, we bristle with the same disappointment that we have seen in our own children. Not for you to know means not good for you to know. There’s something in the knowledge that is harmful or limiting or even the potential cause for losing proper focus. If we knew opens up Pandora’s box and likely loses the Commission in the process. Therefore, what follows demands our greater focus.

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