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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 359

  1. “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait…” (Acts 1:4).

His is a worldwide mission, one that is already beating in their somewhat confused hearts. Somehow, this small band of brothers, who’ve known little but the walking paths of their countryside, are destined for distant places. But first, there is a wait. The time to move is not yet. There is an order to their destiny and the stage of departure is not yet. How clear did this seem to them? Perhaps they are fearful of this unknown future so the command to wait sounded like sweet music to their troubled hearts. Perhaps some were determined and ready and these words forced a halt to their aggressive steps. But the directive is clear. There’s something yet–and that something will prove critical to the road ahead. We can charge forward in our confident selves and with our strategic genius, but can we wait?

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