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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 353

  1. Then he said to him, “Follow me!” (John 21:19)

Now Peter knows the full story. The road he imagined has twisted before him several times in the past few weeks. Moments of great promise and determination…moments of defeat and bewilderment…moments of hope and restoration…and now a moment of truth. Death will be the destiny. Jesus has made that clear. No uncertainty. John knew exactly what His Master was telling the muscular fisherman, and Peter knew it too. No metaphors of mission. Jesus had once asked if the disciples could walk the path that He himself was about to walk. They had said, “Yes!” not knowing the true nature of that path. But now they know. They had seen His journey unfold. Now Peter, at least, will face such a path. Likely so will they all–at least that’s what breakfast that morning seemed to affirm. “Follow Me!” rang through the crisp air with new meaning. And now knowing what that would mean, each of them laid their futures before Him.


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