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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 338

  1. “Unless I see the nail marks…” (John 20:25).

He doubted. At least we have always believed that he did. Thomas’ reluctance to simply accept the testimony of his friends that Jesus was alive seems to say it clearly; though, we lack close access to the thoughts of this important disciple. At the very least, his words clearly convey the surety of Jesus’ death. Thomas saw the wounds. He saw them take the limp body from the cross. He fully knew Jesus was dead–images that likely had dominated his thoughts for days. Now this seemingly melancholy disciple is reluctant to emerge from his depressed state on the hopeful words of the others. Maybe he thought they’d encountered an imposter. The scars would surely prove his identity. What we know for certain is that Jesus loved Thomas and answered his reluctance with the exact opportunity the troubled disciple needed. It’s just that those disciples would spend the rest of their lives seeking to convince those who had not seen. And each of those future disciples would find the faith to believe.

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