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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 330

  1. …and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved (John 20:2).

That John is speaking of himself is verifiable from others’ telling of the story. That he refers to himself this way is fascinating to the historically-distant reader. Why this description when a simple “I” or “me” would do? Is there some lesson that the now elderly apostle is conveying? We can surmise that John’s intent is not to imply that Jesus loved him more than He loved the others. Instead, it’s more likely that John can think of no more appropriate way to describe his personal connection to Jesus. As the last remaining apostle at the time of his writing, John likely had to manage his place among the churches very carefully. How easily he could have become an object of their worship–one who “was there” for every moment folks treasured in their faith story. Even today, such a one would be revered and elevated in the public eye. So, John chooses a label for himself that points more to Jesus than it does to him. “I’m nothing more than one whom Jesus loved….like you,” he could have said.


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