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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 320

  1. “Hail king of the Jews” and they struck him in the face (John 19:3).

This is the Son of God–a reality hidden from the eyes of the random soldiers who imagine their superiority. They mocked Him and they struck Him. As the advances of social media bring news of worldwide persecution of Christians and as those persecutions seem to be drawing closer to our shores, the question many a church kid has wrestled with in the safety of freedom’s arms seems about to be asked. What would I do if they threatened me? They will. They did and they will. As encounters with the “they” of persecution move nearer to our reality, we want to pull back and reject their inequity. But nothing could have felt more unfair than what John apparently saw in this biblical moment. That’s the Son of God…and they struck Him. What seems right or fair never penetrated that place. And likely it won’t govern future moments for Jesus’ people.


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