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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 318

  1. “What is truth?” (John 18:38).

Pilate’s apparent irritation with the idea of truth’s existence likely underscores his own weariness with his role in life more than any characterization of the philosophical climate of the day. He’s a middleman between two groups that despise each other. The Emperor, on one hand, views himself as benevolent to those he conquers and likely has little patience for the apparent ingratitude of the Jews. On the other side, the Jews hate being ruled by one they view as godless. They despise Rome and only engage Pilate when they must, and when they want to manipulate him for their own purposes. Against this backdrop, his question reveals a melancholy toward daily life. “What is truth?’ doesn’t seek an answer, but shows a man who gave up on finding truth some time ago. It seems sad that Pilate’s weariness with his life caused him to misidentify the One before him. The meaning he lacked could have been found, if he had only heard what Jesus is saying to him in this moment.

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