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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 315

  1. In order to avoid ceremonial uncleanness the Jews didn’t enter the palace; they wanted to eat the Passover (John 18:28).

Has human history ever witnessed such tragic irony? The wickedly motivated trial of Jesus necessitates a visit to the Roman governor, but the Jews do not want to soil their souls by entering the pagan structure–yet they seem unafraid to raise their hand in violence against God himself. How could they be so blind to such inconsistency? Certainly a more critical question in the current context asks if we could be equally confused? Could it be that we neglect who He is, even in our own efforts to worship Him? Are our hearts aimed in self-centered pursuits while we offer words of praise in His direction? Do we claim to be walking with Him while we walk in a direction away from Him? If we choose to be blind to who He is and the implications of every act toward Him, we will likely look just as foolish as they.


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