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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 312

  1. “You are not one of His disciples, are you?” the girl asked Simon Peter (John 18:17).

What does it cost to be identified with Jesus? It’s perhaps a bit too easy to see Peter’s denials as merely indicative of his own weakness–a lacking that will be cured by the power of Pentecost. Truth is, many Spirit-filled saints would come to such a crossroads and succumb to the price of this identification. To be with Jesus comes with at least a few labels, sometimes with even more threatening response. Peter’s not alone in his fear of what that evening would hold for him should he be forced to join Jesus in the trial room. If they treat the Son of God this way, surely they’ll do the same to all who claim to be God’s children, right? To follow Christ is a choice–a decision that’s not comfortable. Our modern efforts to make that choice comfortable or easier for the masses does little to prepare people for moments of question, or persecution. Indeed, a secret faith tends to waver when forced into the sunlight.

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