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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 311

  1. it would be good if one man died for the people (John 18:14).

The high priest’s apparent utilitarianism had offered a legal strategy for this night’s arrest. Jesus had to be dealt with or the Jewish leaders risked an uprising that Rome would choose to squash–likely squashing their political futures with it. Now, we know that there’s very little “common good” mentality behind their actions. Their public excuse is not a private reality. Jesus must be removed because he is a threat, not the people, but to these leaders. A leader can’t let the voice of Jesus linger in the air if that leader wants to go a different way. But can you really silence God? Jesus had already said enough to spark worldwide and centuries-long pursuit of God. Only the Jews would not hear Him. Much as Adam’s choice launched us all down a wrong and tragic path, so it seems that Caiaphas made a choice for his people–one they still, like us, must overcome.


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