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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 310

  1. Then Simon Peter, who had a sword… (John 18:10).

What are we carrying for battles in our strength? Simon Peter chose a sword as his self-styled means of protection for the coming conflict. In fact, Luke tells us that the eleven had two swords among them. But these weapons in their hands were to be as useful in the coming battle as their sailing skills proved to be in some of the storms they had faced. It’s much the same for us. We grab the weapons of our own strength and assume they will be useful in our daily challenges only to encounter an enemy with greater and more abundant weapons. There’s so much that would have confused Peter on this night, and surely this moment baffled him. How would he fight off the better armed and better skilled mob that had come into the garden’s darkness. Better yet, why would a fisherman make his final choice a sword, for surely this won’t end well. But this is what our own strength and understanding look like. And they can easily lead to our own destruction.


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