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Notes from the Journey with the Disciples – 303

  1. As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world” (John 17:18).

Wow! Now that’s a statement many of us are unprepared for. He sent them (and us) just as He was sent? He was sent to reveal the Father. He was sent to bring hope and light. He was sent…to die. Today, Christians are grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice because they see it opening the door to blessing for them. But what if He meant that our role wasn’t to simply revel in His blessings. Suppose his intent is that through our sacrifice others would find hope and rest. Could that be what’s truly in store for the real disciple? Before you reject the idea too quickly, take a closer look at the experience of this initial group. In this amazing prayer, Jesus doesn’t ask that the Father bless them and give them the abundant fruit of His sacrifice. Instead, He pleads with the Father to keep them and to hold them together because they are not leaving this world yet. Indeed, their lives–especially their end–would look a lot like His. They, too, would die a death of rejection. So…what should our expectation be?

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