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What is Worship – Part 7

No discussion of true worship can occur without a clear focus on giving and serving. These two expressions–twin demonstrations of a real connection with God–are at the heart of what worship is all about. In fact, one could argue that giving and serving are the principle means of proving relationship with God, much more than mere verbal expression no matter how beautifully sung.

Now, we could consider the differences between giving and serving, but their commonalities are far greater. Both of these acts demonstrate sacrifice. Both of these choices reveal dependence on God. Both of these relationship proofs provide a means of humbling ourselves so we can engage the Spirit and truth of real worship. It’s not about us–nothing is–and giving and serving help prove our understanding of that fact.

Let’s think of these shared elements for a moment and how they reveal a heart of worship. When we give/serve, we draw from our own available resources, whether money or time, to provide for the needs of others. We give, meaning we have less for ourselves. We serve, taking the focus off of our lives and needs, and placing our priority on someone else’s concerns.

Giving and serving likewise demonstrate our dependence on God. Tithing proves our knowledge of true Source for us, trusting God as our true Provider. Serving helps us leave our own needs at His feet while we give ourselves to a greater purpose. When we serve, we don’t just state that we care for others. We prove that our needs are cared for by God, and we need not give all of our energies to our own list. Like rest, giving and serving show the dependence-relationship we have engaged with the power and love of God.

Finally, giving and serving lower us, at least in our own eyes. When we give, we take less for ourselves. When we serve, we take the lower place, deciding that our strength is best spent on others. Such selfless living helps produce the humble spirit that allows us to engage worship. We’ve all encountered people who seem to believe they must be served. These egotists can hardly imagined as true worshippers for their focus is on themselves.

In the end, giving and serving prove powerful in our pursuit of worship because they connect us to the character of the One we worship. He has proven His love for us by giving and by taking the form of a servant among us. When we give and serve, we not only embrace the best our lives can offer, we also honor our God by investing ourselves in His mission. Can there be any greater picture of obedience that that?

In truth, as you consider the real nature of worship, you begin to see that weekly singing without engagement in His mission is really not worship at all. Jesus said that even rocks could be made to do that.

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